Friday, March 30, 2007

Trying Again

I tried posting this before and I'm not sure where it went..somewhere in cyberspace I guess. I am getting such a thrill, knowing my family and friends across the world are checking in on me to see how we are doing here in Boise. Hi everyone!
So today I wanted to give you some quotes that have been said over the past few weeks in our house.

"Mom, Do you know why I love myself?"
"No, Ethan, Why do you love yourself?"
"Because, you see this big glass of milk, I can drink down in one big gulp, that is why I love myself!"

"Guys, you have to open the door for mom, she's got Dad's beer!" - Ethan

"Mom, guess what? I didn't get sick! I prayed to God that I wouldn't get car sick and it worked! I told him that I was tired of getting car sick all the time and I he let me sleep instead..I knew he could do it!" - Nathaniel on the way home from McCall, a very winedy road that Nathaniel has gotten sick on numerous times!

"Mom, can I have a Liammint?"
"A what?"
"You know a Liammint"
"I'm sorry Ethan, what is it you want?"
"Mom, you know those mints in the jar with the plane on it from Liam's baby thing You know a Liammint" - Ethan talking about a mint candy favor from our nephew's baby shower 6 months ago!

I have no quotes from Ash this week. She is just keeping us on our toes! We have changed from having a home phone, can't stand Qwest, and now we have three cell phones. Tom, mine and the HOME one! Ashling has quickly adopted it as her own. With her ipod nano in the other..I feel ancient.

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lisa said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! I love it! kids say the most hilarious things!!