Thursday, September 21, 2006


Not feeling so Kick Ass today......

Friday, September 15, 2006

House for Sale

I swear if one more person drives by my house slowly and doesn't come in to see the inside I will scream. Yesterday we were sitting down for dinner and we had someone actually drive by slowly, hit reverse stop in the middle of the street and then lean out the windown and take a picture!! Talk about an akward moment..I didn't know if I should smile or wave.
So if anyone want's to come buy a house in Boise......

When under Stress....

So I've thought of a brillant plan to stop feeling stressed. First, when you feel stressed about something ADD something even more stressful and the first stress seems non existant. That's right add to your stress and you may actually laugh at the fact that you were originally stressed about something else. The key is to keep the first and second stress going at the same time!
On my last few posts I've taken the liberty to vent a little about the stress level in my life...well that ain't nothing. So the kindergartener is enjoying school, I'm antcipating the first day of training at my new job and dear hubby wants to go look at a house. So by the end of the week we have an offer in on a gorgeous home and we have our house on the market.
I swear if we were to take one of those stress inventories right now we SHOULD be dead. But hell that doesn't seem to matter we have to focuse on keeping our house clean!