Friday, February 15, 2008

Be careful what you pray for!

I wrote the below post in Nov. of 2005, I didn't post it, why? I am not sure but I do know that God was working in my heart and in May of 2006, Tom and I chose to step out in faith and walk with God in a new way and plant a church in Meridian, Idaho. Oh how my God has a sense of humor. After 27 months I think I want a break from the adventure!!!!!!
Hi God,
It's me. I am so frustrated Lord. I don't believe we are as close as we used to be. My fault I know. I don't depend on you as much as I have in the past and therefore I can't grow closer to you. I have created the life I have always wanted. Stable. Routine. Not exciting. But some how I have lost the sense of adventure that for so long I dreaded. Through so many times you have shown yourself to me and kept me going. Now I have built my world so that it will keep going all by itself. Where do I start back on our adventurous journey?


I can't not believe that it has been almost been three months since I wrote. Amazing! Well I have been busy but I didn't realize I was THAT busy! Sun and warmth are finally making there way to the Treasure Valley. Please no more snow. Our mailbox has been hit twice now and fixed once. The latest person, (who drove away and was chased down by the next door neighbor who saw him do it) is still dragging his heals in fixing it. But at least he is calling me to tell me he can't come over (AGAIN)!!!
Kids and hubby are well and life is good. I have made some changes to my chaotic life, so I would stop driving my family and myself crazy and I can honestly say I am enjoying them. Still trying to understand how to balance between kids, husband, work, self and church but taking about three major things off my list has really helped the scale tip back into the right direction.