Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More Stitches

I really hope we aren't starting a trend! Monday evening, Ethan and Nathaniel were playing golf out on the front lawn. Ethan swung back the club and hit Nathaniel square in the jaw! Blood everywhere, Nathaniel's screaming, Ethan's crying, Tom's trying to gain control of the situation and I'm running around trying to get a towel that I don't mind getting blood all over. I am desperate to find an urgent care open (no such luck) so that we didn't have to make a trip to the emergency room. Poor Nathaniel, they ended up giving him some anti-anxiety medicine to calm him down, which caused him to act drunk! Poor kid couldn't even walk straight! Ethan was a mess and has dedicated the rest of his spring break to serving his brother because he feels so bad. I still haven't figured out if he did it on purpose. I do hope we aren't starting a trend, every other month stitches. Oh and my thanks to my Dad for the wonderful gift of the golf clubs in the first place!


Gareth said...

Poor Nay! How many stitches did he get? Send him my love!

Anonymous said...

Hey!!!! Don't blame me!!
Luvu all; Grandad!