Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Lot's seems to be going on in life these days. I just started a new job which I love. I am an administrative assistant for an adoption agency. Their office is only a 1/2 mile way from my home so I have enjoyed coming home for lunch this week and leaving 2 minutes before I have to be there. I have only been there 3 days and I already received the compliment "Please don't ever leave!"
I have felt really gross over the past four days (And still do). I can handle headaches, colds, etc. but if my stomach is queasy I just want to go to bed and not get out until it passes.
Our dog ate our phone. We couldn't find it for a couple of days and finally found it out back with the battery gnawed on. So if you have been trying to call, try one of our cells!
My daughter just turned ten. That's right I am officially old..except I don't feel old enough to have a ten year old.
My mother in law is coming to visit tonight. So instead of cleaning like a mad woman so she doesn't get grossed out with our filth I am sitting here typing this....because I feel so gross!
Well that's it for know

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