Monday, July 31, 2006

Thank you Jesus

I'm a Christian. I have been for over 14 years. I grew up in the Catholic church and when I was a freshman in high school I became frustrated with the Sunday morning routine and asked my dad if he would mind if I went and checked out other churches. My dad is a strong Irish Catholic and I know it must have been very hard for him to let me explore but he said ok. I became part of a bible study that met in my home studying the book of John. I eventually had enough courage to join them at their local youth group after our bible study. I was extremely intimidated and felt very insecure but continued to go. Through my relationship with the youth pastor I ended up helping out at their summer ministry "The Fresh Air Home" a home used as a two week summer camp for underprivileged kids ages 6 - 10. This is where I learned about Jesus in a new way. I learned about a Jesus that loved me just the way I was. One that didn't care what I looked like, one who didn't care what I could do for Him, one that didn't care about my questions and concerns, one that actually embraced them. A Jesus that created me and loved me for me. How awesome an adventure it has been since that time when I first caught a glimpse of what it was like to be loved. This adventure has been exciting, scary, painful and indescribable at times. I would not change the challenges and rewards for anything in the world. So here we are my family and I on our newest adventure, a church plant in the Meridian Boise area in Idaho. How we ended up here is a much longer story than this post. Our family and another quit our jobs back in April and yesterday, Sunday July 30th we started services as Common Ground Chrisitan Fellowship. We have taken a huge leap of faith but simply put we saw it all come together as over 100 people joined us in a high school auditorium to worship the same Jesus I have come to love and adore. Simply put thank you Jesus.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Date Night

So it's Saturday, 12:30pm and I am still in my PJ's. It doesn't happen very often that I get to enjoy this wonderful indulgence of sleeping in on Saturday morning and doing nothing. So I have been perusing my favorite blogs, checking on a pair of shoes I am interested in on eBay and now I am sitting writing this. Tonight me and the hubby are going on a date night so that means that I need to clean the house. This may not be the first thing that comes to peoples minds when they think of a date night but when I have a reason for someone to come over, ie. the babysitter, I usually feel the need to tidy and clean. I am a relatively neat person and enjoy a picked up house but with the kids home for the summer, leaving work this week, and starting Common Ground the house hasn't been on top of my priority list. So I will leave the comfort of my cozy arm chair, get dressed and start scrubbing bathrooms and the kitchen floor. And come five o'clock I will be ready to go on a nice date with T.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Hi All,
I am tired ... but I can't rest yet! Common Ground, our new church start up, starts services on Sunday and I am running all over the place trying to get stuff ready. It's not like I am the only one who is hard at work all who are volunteering are excited about seeing all this come together. I look forward to Sunday morning and seeing what God will do. Well guess that's it, just checking in.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pity Party

Today I am having a pity party for myself. It's my last day at a job I have worked for 3 years and I am pretty darn sure no one could give a crap! Some days I feel so unappreciated. Oh well this to shall pass. There have been so many hurtful things that have happened at this place I just don't know why I am so surprised that nothing will happen today....but I must admit that even a "good luck" would be nice. I think I will buy myself a cup of coffee and count down the minutes!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My saga with my nose ring

So I got my nose pierced in Nov. of last year. I have always liked those little nose studs and a bunch of friends went to a local tattoo parlor on a Saturday and took the plunge. So I have been wearing a little stud since then. I bought a stud that had a little fake diamond in it and a few days later I noticed that the little jewel had popped out. This particular nose stud was called a "bone" which means instead of bending the end of stud so it doesn't fall out, it has a little ball at the end. So you basically push the "bone" ball end and all into your nose. Well as you can imagine it hurt like hell to get in so when I noticed the jewel had popped out I really wasn't going to take it out for awhile. Then comes the day that I decide I want a change but I couldn't pull this thing out. I mean it hurt so bad and I pulled with all my might and it still wasn't happening so I enlist my dear hubby to help...he yanked so hard and you could literally feel and hear a pop as it came out! Bloody hell it hurt much worse than when I put it in. So I put a new stud in not a bone and kept in for a day to see if I liked it. I didn't so I braced myself to put in another bone. Well again I had to enlist the help of dear hubby because the hole had closed a little so he had to push with all his might to get it back in...(well beyond this point I have asked myself a millions times "is this even worth it?.) all this to say I put this new stud in and 10 minutes later I notice the jewel has popped out AGAIN! I have been bracing myself to change but I know it hurts like hell and I tend to be a woose at times so I have had to build up. So all this to say last night I am doing some laundry and I bring down this huge box of laundry detergent and it scrapes me on the nose and tears out my stud .. bone and all! I have no other nose rings and I call my friend Jen in a panic and she tells me she'll bring me one of hers. So today I am sitting here with a nose ring in my nose and I am going to the store to buy a real nice nose stud because at this point I really don't care to keep hurting myself for the sake of beauty!

Monday, July 24, 2006


Not feeling the greatest today which isn't the best timing. We start services this Sunday and there is so much to be done. I am excited about this new adventure but when your back aches, your head hurts and you have cramps its hard to get excited about anything. Oh well, it will all get done and if it doesn't I'm ok with it.
We had the best time this past weekend hanging out with friends and camping. We purchased a pop up trailer at the beginning of the summer and it has brought camping to a totally new level. It's actually fun! It has a king bed, queen bed and the table and little sofas turn into a single. Perfect for our family of 5. It has a stove, fridge and storage. My dear hubby insists that he could put in a porta potty but I am insistent that I have absolutely no desire to pee in the middle of the trailer. I will take my chances, like I have been for the last 15 years, and make my way in the middle of the night to the nearest restroom do my thing and return back to my warm sleeping bag. For some reason he doesn't understand and suggests every morning "your sure you don't want me to install that porta potty". It just doesn't appeal to me to peel into an adult sized potty in the middle of my sleeping family. So on with my day, laundry to be done, unpacking of the food etc. and dinner tonight with more friends.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


So I haven't been on in quite some time. I have been busy doing ...well.... all the stuff that I do in my life. Being a mom to three kids, wife to my dear hubby, completing my certification to become a doula, going on a family vacation to England to see my grandma and then coming home and walking through my husband quitting his job as a junior high pastor and starting a new church. So I have been a little busy. And while I was gone I have started a wonderful hobby of reading my friends blogs. I have friends here in Boise that keep blogs, a friend in Washington, and even a dear friend in Cochambama (sp?) Bolivia. And the thing I have noticed is that most of them don't worry about spelling errors, punctuation marks or even grammar, they just say what's on their minds and go from there. So here is to my new commitment to my blog which is so therapeutic...Mom you should really get one of your own! I am entering a new phase of life, new church, all three kids in school, and a new job downtown. So watch out world here I come.