Sunday, May 06, 2007


It seems that every time we go out we come home to something new. The dog getting out of the yard, the dog chewing the fence. Last night we went out to see Spider Man 3 (I loved it), went for pizza at the mall and ended up at the new borders bookstore that just opened up. It was fun relaxing and had a great family time. We came home at around 10pm to find white stuff all over the yard! It wasn't snow! Looks like I took a short cut and when one of Ethan's birthday presents came last week and the box was filled with styrofoam peanuts I just dumped the whole box in the trash. Didn't bag up the peanuts and didn't think anything of it. Well Ash put the trash can out by the curb yesterday before we left (still not sure why since trash day isn't today) and we had a huge gusts of winds going on. So some thoughtful neighbor put the can up by the garage door and at 10:30 last night I was picking up peanuts. The most embarrassing thing, it was all over at least two of our neighbors yards so I looked ridiculous sneaking around their yards trying not to be seen.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We are almost three weeks into our new home and we have had two church functions, a birthday party, two sleepovers, and at least six playdates! Yeah! We have also had our water heater leak, dog have diarrhea (the second day we moved in!) onto the new carpet, broken airconditioner, dog chew through our fence and through the new electic fence we bought to prevent her from getting to the fence! Oh the joys of homeownership! I am honestly loving our new home. It is fun to walk the kids to school in the morning (or watch them ride their bikes). We walk to the movie store, the grocery store and starbucks on a regular basis and my work is only 5 minutes away.