Sunday, July 23, 2006


So I haven't been on in quite some time. I have been busy doing ...well.... all the stuff that I do in my life. Being a mom to three kids, wife to my dear hubby, completing my certification to become a doula, going on a family vacation to England to see my grandma and then coming home and walking through my husband quitting his job as a junior high pastor and starting a new church. So I have been a little busy. And while I was gone I have started a wonderful hobby of reading my friends blogs. I have friends here in Boise that keep blogs, a friend in Washington, and even a dear friend in Cochambama (sp?) Bolivia. And the thing I have noticed is that most of them don't worry about spelling errors, punctuation marks or even grammar, they just say what's on their minds and go from there. So here is to my new commitment to my blog which is so therapeutic...Mom you should really get one of your own! I am entering a new phase of life, new church, all three kids in school, and a new job downtown. So watch out world here I come.

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