Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My saga with my nose ring

So I got my nose pierced in Nov. of last year. I have always liked those little nose studs and a bunch of friends went to a local tattoo parlor on a Saturday and took the plunge. So I have been wearing a little stud since then. I bought a stud that had a little fake diamond in it and a few days later I noticed that the little jewel had popped out. This particular nose stud was called a "bone" which means instead of bending the end of stud so it doesn't fall out, it has a little ball at the end. So you basically push the "bone" ball end and all into your nose. Well as you can imagine it hurt like hell to get in so when I noticed the jewel had popped out I really wasn't going to take it out for awhile. Then comes the day that I decide I want a change but I couldn't pull this thing out. I mean it hurt so bad and I pulled with all my might and it still wasn't happening so I enlist my dear hubby to help...he yanked so hard and you could literally feel and hear a pop as it came out! Bloody hell it hurt much worse than when I put it in. So I put a new stud in not a bone and kept in for a day to see if I liked it. I didn't so I braced myself to put in another bone. Well again I had to enlist the help of dear hubby because the hole had closed a little so he had to push with all his might to get it back in...(well beyond this point I have asked myself a millions times "is this even worth it?.) all this to say I put this new stud in and 10 minutes later I notice the jewel has popped out AGAIN! I have been bracing myself to change but I know it hurts like hell and I tend to be a woose at times so I have had to build up. So all this to say last night I am doing some laundry and I bring down this huge box of laundry detergent and it scrapes me on the nose and tears out my stud .. bone and all! I have no other nose rings and I call my friend Jen in a panic and she tells me she'll bring me one of hers. So today I am sitting here with a nose ring in my nose and I am going to the store to buy a real nice nose stud because at this point I really don't care to keep hurting myself for the sake of beauty!

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