Monday, August 14, 2006

Tomorrow kindergarten!

Today the kids and I had a celebration day. The last day of summer hurrah! We started by taking Ethan to a kindergarten open house and then onto Ihop! for breakfast. We then went to the Discovery Center which here in Boise is a cross between "the please touch museum" in Philadelphia and OMSI in Portland. We then stopped by the local 7 Eleven for slurpees (the big ones!) and then went to Walmart to finish our school shopping, socks, waterbottles and a box of tissues. We then came home for a breather and then went back to school for the two older kids open house. We finished off the day having a nice family dinner and then reading a chapter from our latest book "Dragons in our Midst". I am excited for my kids tomorrow. I always enjoyed the first few days of school were everything is fresh and you don't have much work. But as any mom sending their little one to kindergarten it will be hard and bittersweet. Ethan had a great time at the open house this morning, even though he did claim to being bored as the teacher talked to us. But as we left the building he still grabbed a hold of my hand and said "Mom, I love you and I am going to miss you." I do hope I can make it through tomorrow's drop off without bursting into tears.

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Lira said...


Quite the moment! Blessings upon you and your youngest. I hope it turns out to be a good day for both of you.