Friday, August 11, 2006

Mother Mary

After an extremely emotional taxing day, (second day of intense fighting with dear hubby) I decided to make nachos and cheese and chocolate chip milkshakes for dinner for the kids and I. I also decided that we would sit in the living room and eat them in front of the TV while watching a movie! My kids were so excited they couldn't hold it in:

Child #1 - "Mom you are the best!"
Child #2 - "Mom you are the best woman I know!"
Child #1 - "Mom you are truly the greatest woman ever born!!!"
Child #2 - "Huuhem, I think that the greatest woman ever born was Mary the mother of Jesus"
"Do you really think our mother is better than Mary the mother of our LORD?"
Child #1 -"uuuuuuu Mom you are the greatest woman right after Mary"

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Austin said...

Hey Lisa,
y'know it's very hard to say who is the better Mother without feeling guilty, i too had to ponder on whether Claire (my fiancé)is a better Mom to our children than my own Mom (Clare) was to me,they both do the best that they can do and so too does Mary,Mother of God,i prayed to her constantly to help Claire during the birth of our Son Conor last week,and i tell you, my prayers were certainly answered. So between the Mother of my child, My own Mother and Mother Mary i think one does feel blessed and priviliged to have so many "Great Moms" to look out for them. Plus i must add that i really enjoyed reading about your memories of Family in Dungarvan, if only this site could know all the trouble we got in to!! Family is certainly the mould, the cornerstone and the glue for us all.