Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dinner Last Night

Last night we were having a good old family dinner when my 5 year old decides to put one of his feet on the table as he's eating. I turn around and tell him (using his whole name) to remove his foot.
My 8 year old says "Yeah that is some of the worst bachelor behavior that you can do!"
Of course we all got a good laugh at this.
Then we ask our 8 year old what a bachelor is he replies "It is a man who has a gambling problem!"
So again we all have a good laugh.
Then my 9 year old jumps in and says "No that's not a bachelor..a bachelor is someone who is going to have a party before he gets married"
I love my kids.


Lira said...


This made me laugh so hard! Truly awesome.

Martha said...

Okay, so I have never done this before so forgive me if I mess it up. But that story is hilarious! And I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Ashling!! -Martha