Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We took our youngest, 5, to the doctors office last night to get his
stitches out. Our oldest son pushed him into the coffee table last week
and he hit his eye right about his eyebrow poor baby needed five
stitches. He was nervous all the way to theDr.'s because he didn't want it to hurt. They gave him four doses of numbing meds
, then two shots and the kid could still feel the pain. So when we told
him it wouldn't hurt to get his stitches out..he wasn't really going
for it. "Remember mom, you told me it wouldn't hurt to have them in,
So the nurse really didn't do a good job taking them out.
Pulling, tugging, digging even. He survived and by the time we got home
he was eating a scooby pop and smiling ear to ear.
When I went to put neosporine on it later last night,to help with the scar, he was horrified and told me "But Mom, I don't want to get rid of my scar!".
We'll see how he feels in 20 years.

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