Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How do I grow Spiritually?

A friend asked me the other day "How do you grow Spititually?"
I have been thinking about it ever since.
Is it through church?
Is it through prayer?
Is it through personal devotion?
Is it through worship?
Is it through relationships?
I'm not sure.......

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The Suburban Nomad said...

It is often confusing to ask this question because we have become accustom to thinking of our "spiritual" lives as something unique to the rest of our lives. From what seems to be a more biblical understanding of the self, we are actually just “spirit” beings. Meaning, we should not separate other areas of growth in our lives from “spiritual” growth. If in fact we are spirit beings, the idea of growth should center on becoming more like the spirit in whom we derive our being (i.e. God). We are in the image of God and should therefore consider all areas of likeness to him as “spiritual.” From a Christian standpoint, viewing Jesus as the real likeness of God’s image means that when we act more like him, we are in fact acting more spiritual (like God). This would involve many of the things you have listed in your blog, but others as well. Spiritual growth is being more like Jesus!