Friday, February 15, 2008

Be careful what you pray for!

I wrote the below post in Nov. of 2005, I didn't post it, why? I am not sure but I do know that God was working in my heart and in May of 2006, Tom and I chose to step out in faith and walk with God in a new way and plant a church in Meridian, Idaho. Oh how my God has a sense of humor. After 27 months I think I want a break from the adventure!!!!!!
Hi God,
It's me. I am so frustrated Lord. I don't believe we are as close as we used to be. My fault I know. I don't depend on you as much as I have in the past and therefore I can't grow closer to you. I have created the life I have always wanted. Stable. Routine. Not exciting. But some how I have lost the sense of adventure that for so long I dreaded. Through so many times you have shown yourself to me and kept me going. Now I have built my world so that it will keep going all by itself. Where do I start back on our adventurous journey?


Anonymous said...

Your blogging again! I didn't know! Glad i got courious and found ya again!

Jennifer said...

Hey, I LOVE the background - and the pic of your (our) new haircut. ;)