Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Right Thing

I am so sick of my situation! I have been fighting with my husband for months now. Not your usual run of the mill stuff but serious, serious shit! Stuff has been exposed and now I find myself wondering what to do? Do I continue in this cycle knowing full well I don't have the emotional or physcial strength to keep going? Do I hide my head in the sand and ignore all that has been exposed? Or do I run the hell away and not face any of it? I have nothing left to offer or give. I'm not sure of who I even am anymore. I know Jesus loves me. I know my family and friends love me. But do I love myself? Do I love enough to keep going? I know what the right thing is, I know what's best for my family, but do I want to do the right thing? Do I have it in me to do the right thing?
I am so frustrated, scared and angry right now.
Dear Jesus help me, guide me, give me strength to face the unkown....

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The Suburban Nomad said...

I have loved you... I do love you... & no matter what happens as you make these decisions, I will always love you!

I don't know if this will help you in guiding through these touch choises, but please know K.A.M that you have a home and family that are waiting for you.

You are deeply loved by your totally screwed up husband!

The Nomad