Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Love Hate Relationship

I have a love hate relationship with The Gap. Yes, it's true. I grew up wearing gap clothes (I know I have just further labeled myself). The number one thing I love about The Gap is that they design the jeans that fit me just right. The perfect pair of jeans. Boot Cut. Regular. Size * (come on, you didn't think I was going to list my jean size on the internet!) You know the pair that no matter what, they look good and make you feel great. I also like how they carry a small line of "classic style" clothes that are just plain comfortable, like their comfy T's (long sleeve or short). And whenever you visit a thrift store looking for adults or kids stuff the Gap clothes always looks good. But on the flip side, sometimes they venture into designs that I think only the size "0" women in this world look good in. Need I say more? And their prices are absolutely insane. $49.50 for a pair of jeans! Are you kidding me! Who can possibly afford that. Not most moms of multiple children who are trying to make every penny stretch. "Honey, I decided we aren't going to eat for three days because I had to buy a new pair of jeans." But my absolute biggest pet peeve about the Gap is the same reason I love them, their jeans. Every year about this time, I develop holes in the knees. I swear every year that I won't give in and go and buy them again, no matter how comfortable or great they look. But then I go trying on every jean in the world and can't find anything remotely close. So what brings me back to loving them? Well I have a day like today. I walk in and not only do they have the same jeans for 60% off!! But a bunch of other stuff, that they usually sell at extremely ridiculous prices, also have prices that are slashed up the wazzo. So I can justify buying a couple pairs. I know I have looked everywhere under the sun for others. I know I got a great deal and above all else I look good and feel great. As far as the knees go, we'll just have to see what happens next year.

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