Thursday, October 20, 2005


My kids are going to be famous wizards and a witch for Halloween with costumes bought from the STORE. We have been reading the Harry Potter Series. And my middle son, Obi decided he wanted to be Harry. Of course then my 4 year old son, Pasta, decided that he to wanted to be Harry. Then my daughter, Bean, decided that she wanted to be Hermonie. They quickly concluded between the three of them that Pasta, could be Ron. So there you have it in one short trip to the local Savers we determined this years Halloween costumes. If only every Hallowen could all be this easy. I am one of those mothers who resorts to boxed caked mix, won't make cookies anymore (I make bar cookies instead much easier), and doesn't sew. At this point many of you may relate, but the unfortunate part of my life is my husband came from a goddess of domestic wonder. That's right my mother in law can clean like no one's business. Can whip up a chocolate cake from scratch within minutes and she can sew rags together and they look like a designer outfit bought at Macy's. She is a wonderfully dear woman who I have learned so much from. To be honest if it wasn't for her my husband and I would probably still be eating pasta, in some form or another, five times a week. But the down side is that my husband has some pretty high expectations of what a "mother" should produce. And that brings me to Halloween. A national holiday that brings me stress headaches just thinking about the dang day in JULY! We live on a budget so going and buying a big fancy costume each year is out of the question and I am not a creative genius that can go to her closet and five minutes later have six different costumes lined up. I am some where lost in the middle. I live under a budget but will go anyway for the chance of a cheap decent costume. But this year we have our costumes in order early, they were cheap and my kids are having a blast playing with them leading up to the big day. So now the only dilemma we face is that my three kids are dressing up as famous students from Hogwarts and my husband is a Pastor.......onto the next stress headache.


The Suburban Nomad said...

I've actually had a number of the people at our church say how cool it was that our kids were from Hogwarts. It'sabout time that people (especially pastors& their wives) start enjoying some of the freedom Christ earned for them on the cross. Maybe if we piss off enough uptight religious folks, they leave and folks who know they need grace will actually start showing up :-)

K.A.M. said...

Wouldn't that be a novel idea!